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Re: "Art Trevethan" <art at reclaimtech_com>: NA Native Sunfish/Bluegills

>I now have a 55 gal which i would like to set up as a mini pond.  I want
>get the substrate, plants, and fish from my pond.  What i was thinking
>was 2
>bluegill and 4-6 minnows.  What do you think and do you have any

Be careful about taking substrate and plants from your pond.  The same
precautions used in setting up tropical tanks apply to NA native tanks.
Fish are fish.  Diseases and pests are diseases and pests.  Wash your
substrate thoroughly and consider using bleach or salt to disinfect it.  I
guess you could try to go all natural with it, but there's no guarantee of
the results and the health of the fish.  Excess organic material from the
pond may overload the tank's filtration.  Cycle the tank well before
stocking with more than a few small fish.

Bluegills and minnows will only cohabitate if the sunfish are very small.
As they grow, the minnows will become prey for the bluegills.  This goes
for most other sunfish as well.  Large white or chubsuckers may be able to
survive.  Depends on tank size, fish size and cover.  Catfish work better
with sunnies.  I use corys to cleanup after small sunfish.  Bullheads and
madtoms can work too.  Channels are good, but get real big.  A big catfish
will eat your bluegills.

Use no heater to minimize bluegill aggression.  Like cichlids, sunfish
aggression increases with increasing temperature.  Some will be terrors at
room temp (70- 73 F).  This is the prelude to breeding behavior.  That's a
whole 'nother story.

Why don't you subscribe to the NANFA and NFC lists?  Do you need instructions?

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net

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to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for weeks.