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"Art Trevethan" <art at reclaimtech_com>: NA Native Sunfish/Bluegills

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From: "Art Trevethan" <art at reclaimtech_com>
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Subject: NA Native Sunfish/Bluegills
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 15:33:20 -0400
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You posted:

Anyone interested in sunfish,shiners,darters,madtoms and the ilk ?
at trobertrice at juno_com or NFC at actwin_com

	I am very interested at trying my hand at NA fish.  Here is my

5 tanks wet

30 gal, AQ200 , EboJagger 200w, Live plants, driftwood, 2 adult angels, 1
dwarf Plec, 3 adult bleeding heart tetras

20 gal, AQ150, Ebo 150w, live plants, 3 lemon tetras, 4 prestella tetras

30 gal hex, AQ200, Ebo 200w, UGF, Lacerock, 2 keyhole ciclids

30 gal, AQ200, Ebo 200w,2 wild green discus, 1 large plec, 4 red eye
lightly planted, driftwood

20 gal tall, AQ150, Ebo 150w, lightly planted, 2 harlequin cat, 4 small
tiger barbs

all tanks range from 3 yrs old to 1 yr old (fully setup, no death in more
than a year)

Last year I pulled 3 fathead minnows out of my pond and raised them
in a 10gal with rocky bottom, same plants as pond(got them from pond),
Second nature filter.  I loved it but after 9 months they died.  These
had some form of parasite from the beginning (looks like pepper spread
throughout their flesh, found it in the bass that i pulled from the same
pond after filleting).

I now have a 55 gal which i would like to set up as a mini pond.  I want
get the substrate, plants, and fish from my pond.  What i was thinking
was 2
bluegill and 4-6 minnows.  What do you think and do you have any



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