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Re: Fred Hamilton -fredhamilton at fuse_net-: Re: NA NATIVES


The Peterson Guide to Freshwater Fish, by Page and Burr, lists a number 
of introduced species and where they may be found.  There is also a 
Introduced Fishes website that contains up to date info on the status of 
introduced fish, located at http://nas.nfrcg.gov/fishes/fisheslist.htm . 
This would be a great place to research if you want to catch some of 
those introduced species.

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>Thanks for forwarding the article on sunfish!  I believe I may have 
>it before (is it perhaps posted on the NANFA site, or elsewhere on the
>'web?)  I wrote an article on spawning the green sunfish which was
>published in FAMA in 1980, and so I was intrigued by the portion of 
>article which reads,
>"The rest of us were to busy keeping
>Cichlids, Discus and Tetras to consider the lively and
>colorful sunfishes all to seriously. Slowly almost
>imperceptibly things began to change. Aquarist like myself
>stumbled upon local species that were stunning and a
>pleasure to keep. Aquarium magazines began to pick up the
>ball giving temperate species much needed exposure."
>I wonder if my article was one of those!  
>I notice that you write from Navarre, Florida. Can you recommend any
>collecting sites in the south Florida area?  Our family vacation will 
>in a couple of weeks, and we're driving through Orlando and down to the
>Everglades and Big Cypress.  I'm interested in collecting dwarf 
>but I'd also be interested in places where I can observe/collect
>introduced cichlids. In addition to my natives, I'm keeping a variety 
>cichlids (see http://www.lava.net/~cjones/1000g.html).  Oh well, that's
>what can happen after twenty years in the aquarium hobby!  
>					Fred
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