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Re: Yech. Poor birdies:-(

>>>>> "JW" == Josh Wiegert <jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com> writes:
JW> Heh... guessing they are starlings, beak is rather pointed...  
JW> Are tehy likely to be fisheaters?

I wouldn't trust them. They are ravenous little omnivores. I've seen
them eat good-size grasshoppers, butterflies, and worms. As well as
hogging all the birdseed. (Well, at least the seed the squirrels don't
get. ;-) They are opportunistic birds. I'm sure if they could catch a
fish they would. But it sounds like they aren't too swift around the
water, so your fish are probably safe as long as they have cover.

As an aside, the legend I heard is that they were introduced around
1890 by an industrialist that wanted to import all the birds mentioned
in the works of Shakespeare. Doh! I assume we can thank this guy for
the House Sparrow, too. Fooey on him.

I just had a thought about why this is a problem to begin with. I bet
it is because the birds can see the bottom of the pond, but can't
judge the depth. Maybe if you let the bottom get covered with a
dark layer of mulm, they won't jump in since they aren't fooled into
thinking it is shallow enough. 

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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