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Hey all.
   Having a new problem with the pond.  This afternoon, I went out to
check on things during lunch, and pulled out a total of SEVEN dead
blackbirds.  Yesterday, I pulled out one.  Last year, I hadone black bird,
and a sparrow, which was a rare enough occurence to not warrant it a
problem.  Any ideas on helping these guys get out, or getting them to stay
out?  Are they after a bath and a drink, or interested in eating the
guppies/  I'm hesitant to stock anything in there, and certainly can't
enjoy the pond with the flies buzzing around, looking for more food.  The
pond, in case anyone doesn't know, is a childs wading pool sunk into the
ground.  I'm curious as to ideas why its never been a past problem.  The
pond previously was a disgusting, hot neon pink.  This year, its a more
subdued disgusting blue. :) Could it be the bright colour warned them off?
If so, any ideas on how to get them warned off again?
J. L. Wiegert
Your Hard Workin', Bird Killin' List Admin. :)