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Re: blueheads (and discussion of Arkansas state regs)

Hi all,

	I finished scanning in some of the Arkansas state regs that seem to be
pertinent to getting setup to send out some fish to you guys. I would
really appreciate it if some of you that are more familiar with the
legalese of these things to take a look at it and give me some guidance.
	Since there is no DNR in Arkansas, and the Arkansas Game and Fish
Commission are the folks charged with the responsibility of protecting
the wildlife of the state, these regs come from them. They don't even
seem to know just what I should do, but sure as morning, if I break the
law with something I overlook or misinterpret, they might decide to do
something about it!
	Otherwise, as has been suggested, might someone with more skill at
writing proposals to state agencies come up with a draft that covers not
only my end, but the parts members in other states will play in a
captive breeder's program for these fish?
	If you are interested in getting what I have available for the general
statewide regs, the baitfish license, and the fish farmer's permit, let
me know.


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