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Fish sources

Dear NANFA list members;
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the curatorial consultant for
Oceanic Adventures at the soon to be iopened Newport Kentucky Aquarium in
Kentucky. Most of you probably have not heard of us- yet! We are presently
well under construction and scheduled to open in May 1999- one year. I am
contacting this list looking for sources for the freshwater species that will
inhabit our 22,000 gallon Ohio River tributary exhibit, and other smaller
(1,000 gallon) exhibits: turtles, amphibians, Bowfin, sunfish and Kentucky
cave fish/ salamanders. Otherwise, all of our exhibits will feature salt and
freshwater species from around the world. I would be open to  suggestions of
other species.
I am very interested in locating hatcheries of native fish and any other
On a related, but different aspect:  If any of you know of large Amazon
catfish, pacus, cichlids, etc. or lionfish that have outgrown their homes, I
would also be interested. We are not ready to hold specimens and probably will
not be until September. 
This is a serious request. We are not selling anything. Please send your
replies directly to me. The list for the Ohio river tributary exhibit  is
below: Forthe start, nothing longer thab 3' is needed.
Ohio Muskellunge
Channel catfish
We also want alligator  (and other) snapping turtles, and cottonmouths
Once we have hired our senior managing curator (experience with large sharks
required), he/she will be hiring husbandry staff in the next few months.
Please do not call or e-mail. Send your resumes instead to the following:
Aquarium Holdings LC
Attn: Ms Rachelle Strickman
5900 N. Granite Reef
Scottsdale AZ

And do plan to visit us, when we are open. You will be impressed! Imagine
being underwater in the flooded Amazon basin, or a cCaribbean coral reef, or a
shark tank. All this and more.

If you also received this post via the nanf list, please ignore. 

Bob Snodgrass
rotsnod at aol_com
ph/fax: 619-481-2354

11671 Tierra del Sur,
SD, CA, 92130-2614