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Re: Mud Darters?

Scientific name for the Mud Darter is Etheostoma asprigene. Should be OK 
in an aquarium with some water movement.  If you come by any more, I 
would be interested in trading some VT fish species with you for some of 
the Mud Darters.

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>Hello all,
>	I still have good relations with the school that I graduated from and 
>helped them quite a bit in the past. The wildlife class went out 
>collecting, and I got a phone call from a friend who will be a grad in 
>week.  They found some darters and id them as Mud Darters but didn't  
>me a sci name. ANyone familler with the fish?  One of the guys wanted 
to go 
>out and collect today so I went with. Wec aught what looks to be 3 pr 
>them I seet them up in an extra tank I had. They seem to be ok. Any 
>recomandations?  We would like to try and breed them, if they haven't 
>spawend already.
>mastberc at ssu_southwest.msus.edu 

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