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Re: blueheads

Hi all,

	As soon as I get the word on just what will be needed for me to collect
and ship out wild caught fish from here, I'll be able to let you guys
know more about when to expect fish! Hate to do it without clearance and
all, then find out later I'm liable to the State for breaking the law!
Some stiff fines in some of that! Not to mention very bad PR.

	What I'm thinking is the reason they said I would have to get a fish
farming permit may have to do with exporting fish out of the State
directly taken from public waters. May just be that they mean that I can
collect them, put them in private waters, and then wait till I have fish
produced from this under the fish farmer's permit, then sell or
otherwise under the bait dealer's license to export out of State! I will
try again to check into this soon.

	Not much room left for fish in the house under the ac just now, so I
guess collecting will have to slow. Hate to lose fish to the heat later
in the summer. I have a trailer situated under some trees that I have
been using for general storage that I plan to clear out and set up for
more tanks next month if I can get to it, and can get the equipment for
the setup. So many great looking fish and only just so much room to keep

	BTW: the bluehead YOY I have collected the last few days are doing
well, and looking much better for the most part. Most looked half
starved with shrunken bellies when I got them, but they are eating flake
like crazy already, and are looking good and coloring up just fine.
Fairly tough little guys and seem quite adaptable.