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Re: blueheads

Hi Guys,

Love the direction you are going with this. I think we can do some neat
things by showing there are financialy feasable ways to self fund
conservation activities.

Heres what i reccomend. We cover the legalities then You break the
Blueheads up into 2-3 breeding colonies. Each party stay in touch with
the other over the course of the next six months. That way the only
expense to any of the parties would be the running of a single tank while
the YOY grow out. Then as they sexually mature we put all of you guys in
the breeders club (we could do it now also) and try and get them to
spawn. 1/2 the offspring be sold via our website silent auction the other
half you sell /trade  whatever is legal. NFC would make money wich in
turn they could use to fund other projects, you guys would get MOPS gift
certificates and be the source for Aquarist interested in this cool fish.
If lets say your colony produces 50 saleable fry.....25 to the NFC X 3
bucks = 75 bucks............25 to you X3 bucks = 75 bucks plus you will
get a gift certificate of at least 10 bucks probably more as it would
lily be a bonus species....Everyone wins.

You life history reports would be listed on the website free to download
by anyone, your hobby is financially supported, hobbyist get access to an
unusual species, NFC makes money to further our efforts and the shiner is
non the worse for wear as YOY are lost in great numbers so 30-40
broodstock would make no difference.....Finally if it becomes really
feasable renting a track at a hatchery or partnering with the state on
such a project becomes possible.

Nice work guys and let us know How to help

On Mon, 18 May 1998 07:28:37 -0400 mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley)
>>Hi Y'all,
>>        Great! So who wants to get in? Mark? You had some good ideas 
>on this
>>subject seems to me:
>Herb, etc,
>Yeah!  Maybe we need to start by exploring the feasibility of captive
>breeding the fish.  After all, we don't need a permit for commercial
>production of the fish if the fish is not commercially producible.  
>about some small scale experiments just to find out what it takes to 
>these guys to spawn and how to keep the fry alive?  Also, of course, 
>need to do some thorough literature searches to find out what's known. 
> I
>think BG Granier mentioned a paper on this species a while back.  I 
>can ask
>him agin where to find it.
>Mark Binkley
>Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
>mbinkley at earthling_net
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