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Re: Fred Hamilton <fredhamilton at fuse_net>: Re: NA NATIVES


Read your post which was forwarded to the NFC list.  I have collected
megalotis in Circleville in a back channel of the Scioto and in the
Olentangy in Columbus.  I hear there are also some nice ones in the Scioto
here in Columbus.  I plan to do a little angling for these and humilis
sometime soon.  You're welcome to join me.  Also, I think Klaus Schoening
would like to know about your humilis collecting sites near Cin'ti.  He's
at klaus.schoening at jungle_org   If you or he go after them there, I would
like to come along.

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>NANFAMAN wrote:
>> Any folks out there interested in NA natives ?
>I'm interested in natives - have been for years, though limited to
>Centrarchids.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to at least thank you
>for the wonderful article on longears which you prepared some time ago.
>Your photographic skills are excellent -- I have a penchant for
>collecting information on that species, and yours are by far the best
>pictures in existence on Lepomis megalotis.  Keep up the good work!
>BTW, the only population of longears in my area (Cincinnati, Ohio)
>exists in a wide, slow-moving unnamed creek in the vicinty of Moscow,
>Ohio.  As luck would have it, the principal spawning beds for the
>longears are located between a farm where the owners raise birds for
>(illegal) cockfighting (south shore) and a marijuana field (north
>shore).  Before I even realized my danger, I found my tires slashed
>while parked on a collecting trip.  In retrospect, I was fortunate not
>to have suffered more damage!
>Despite the wide distribution of longeared sunfish, they are certainly
>not easy to locate (I've been collecting within a 30 mile radius of
>Cincinnati for about fifteen years, and this location is the *only* spot
>in which I've ever seen L. megalotis).  On the other hand, we have a
>fiar supply of orangespotted sunfish, pumpkinseeds, and colorful green
>sunfish here.
>So, I am reduced to my current group of three hybrid
>pumpkinseed/longears (infertile) collected near Columbus, Ohio. If you
>are aware of any safe collecting spots in my area, I'd be grateful for
>the information...
>                                        Fred
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