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Re: Mud Darters?

Oops! I forgot that I was using the wife's machine, so you saw her name.  I
tend to use the first machine I come to and we share an email address.

Regarding the care and feeding of darters:  These fishes fascinate me to no
end but so far I've only had real experience with one species, the Iowa
Darter (E. exile).


> From: Garfield <Mastberc at ssu_southwest.msus.edu>
> To: 'nanf at actwin_com'
> Subject: RE: Mud Darters?
> Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 9:19 AM
> Joyce
> Thank You very much!  Any one have any general tips on darter care?  They
seem to be adjusting well, gave them some black worms last night.