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NANFAMAN <NANFAMAN at aol_com>: Fwd: Darters (Perhaps a future NFC funded project?)

>>>I was just checking to see if you received the nigrum and caeruleum.
>>>Konrad Schmidt
>>>1663 Iowa Ave. E.
>>>St. Paul, MN 55106
>>>(612) 776-3468
>>Konrad:  Did I get back to you on the darters yet?  I honestly can't
>>remember.  I have looked at them and thought about emailing you - but
>>I??  Larry
>>Lawrence M. Page, INHS Principal Scientist

>No, all that I got from you is that you received them and was going to 
>at them soon.

Okay, I guess senility is setting in.
	Well, both the nigrum and the caeruleum look odd when compared to
most populations, but until someone looks at geographic variation over
range of the species, we won't know how odd they are.  The nigrum seems
be showing the 'northern effect'.  Most species of darters are darker in
the north.  I don't know whether that is because they are matching the
substrates that we often find them over or whether they are darker in an
effort to absorb more heat from sunlight.  Or there may be a third
	The caeruleum you sent have bands in the dorsal fins that are
unlike those of most populations but the really interesing thing was the
variation in banding within the sample you sent me.  I assume it is a
polymorphic trait.  E. spectabile often is highly variable within a
population, but caeruleum is usually less so.
	I have put the caeruleum in the Survey collection and am
the nigrum to you.  I don't know how helpful I have been.  Yes, both
samples look odd, and I appreciate seeing them.  Someone has a lot of
ahead of him/her to determine how odd they are.  Larry

Lawrence M. Page, INHS Principal Scientist

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