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Re: Flagfish

On Sat, 16 May 1998 18:07:12 -0400 "bockj" <bockj at erols_com> writes:
>How are your flagfish doing, Robert?  Mine are a little shy, spending 
>of their time hiding under the java moss.  This is a spectacularly 
>fish--red and blue stripes.  A little on the nasty side, though.

Very much a killie a bit ornry and very suitable for a single species
tank. I am on my F kazzillion on my colony. They love to be kept in ponds
with much vegetation .....

>plan to
>move the moss out, and get a boat load of nylon spawning mops, and
>periodically transfer them to a back yard tub of about 40 gallons.  In 
>fall, I hope to come back for lots more.
>I used a similar strategy to breed Elassoma zonatum last year--putting 
>adults in the tub, along with loads of java moss.  Came back in the 
>fall to
>about 40 or 50 young of various stages of development, which I gave to 
>Fullerton and Chris Scharpf.

I find the small pond hatchery is a great way to breed a lot of smaller
native fishes. I wish more people did it. They would be very satisfied if
they did ....

>Anyway, if anyone's got any thoughts about the flagfish breeding, 
>send a note to the NANFA list--I'm not on the NANF list (one list is 
>for me!)
>Take care, Robert

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