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Re: blueheads

Hi Y'all,

	Great! So who wants to get in? Mark? You had some good ideas on this
subject seems to me:

Mark Binkley wrote:
> Unless someone out there has the facilities for a full scale commercial
> fish propagation project, this may have to happen on a smaller more diffuse
> level.  Perhaps one way to start would be to distribute fish to parties
> interested in reproducing and maintaining them in captivity on a hobbyist
> level of time and resource commitment.  Then as broods are matured to
> transferable size, they could be sold locally or centrally with NFC
> coordination.  Also stock should be exchanged between breeders to maintain
> genetic diversity.


	Think we can collaborate on a grant proposal?
	Anyone else interested?


robert a rice wrote:
> Herb and all,
> I know Mike Gibson from Ark. I helped him with some collecting data
> several years back.........I think your ideas are right on.......A team
> approach is the way to go when yo have a good idea but not enough
> resourcees to do it individually (see NFC as example) ....What we need to
> do is approach the folks in Ark. as a team get our permits and move
> forward ....
> On Fri, 15 May 1998 19:27:54 -0500 Herb Harris <top_side at geocities_com>
> writes:
> >Hi Robert and all,
> >
> >       Just wondering if a couple (or whatever) of us might pool
> >resources to
> >go in for a grant application together? I've already been contacted by
> >one list member that suggested a pooling of resources in a round about
> >manner.
> >       As I said before, I's not a biologist, and am not familiar
> >with grant
> >proposals and such stuff, but I do know where to find some good
> >looking
> >fish.
> >       Not much experience breeding fish other than livebearers, and
> >that is
> >more standing out of the way than anything else. The Bluehead behavior
> >that I observed in the wild before attempting to take any fish for
> >collecting seems that these guys aren't extremely picky as far as
> >breeding conditions go - I have seen them come into a mudbottom
> >shallow
> >flat where the water temp is up during April and May and a male  will
> >defend a small territory near some vegetation (though one was over a
> >stick) and best as I could tell females came to him. A lot of tank
> >observation needs to be done on this though. Anyone else have any
> >experience with these fish?
> >       I can write up a life history easily enough, once I fully know
> >it, but
> >some of you guys that have more savvy with the grant thing might want
> >to
> >speak up here?
> >       See, I can go slow and just build up a working stock of fish
> >and supply
> >whomever as that develops, but the foot dragging of permit granting
> >agencies is my problem. Sort of need some help there. The fellow I
> >talked to that everyone said is "the guy you need to talk to," in
> >Fisheries, is Mike Gibson (sp: Gipson?). He was familiar with the idea
> >of keeping native fish, even recognized your name Robert - I hope you
> >don't mind that I used your name and NANFA at the time, since NFC
> >didn't
> >exist then. He was cooperative, and friendly, though a bit taken aback
> >that someone wanted to raise native fish for "strictly aquarium
> >trade,"
> >as the Arkansas regulations provide an exception to the granting of
> >fish
> >farm permits for non natives for this reason, so I asked him will they
> >do the same for native species as well. He asked me to write a letter
> >outlining my proposal, and I did, but no word back yet. Mike said he
> >is
> >a NANFA member, so I figured he at least would be inclined to give me
> >a
> >hearing on the matter. Not to bring heat here! He seems like a fair
> >guy
> >when I talked to him on the phone. There may be more involved to this
> >than I know.
> >       Maybe some of you guys know him? I remember a post from a few
> >months
> >ago that he made on the NANFA list, but wouldn't you know it - I
> >erased
> >a bunch of "clutter" off my mail files, so lost his email address.
> >       I know everyone is pressed for time, but if anyone can maybe
> >look up
> >that post it would be helpful! A shame more server side mail programs
> >don't adapt well to archives! I still have his work phone number if
> >his
> >email address can't be rounded up, but I hate to keep pouring money
> >down
> >the hole, you know?
> >       BTW: I apologize to the list for mixing business off another
> >list here,
> >but as is my case, I suppose a bunch of you guys are subed to both
> >lists. If anyone is offended, just overlook me - I's just a good ole
> >boy
> >at heart. I would post to the NANFA list, but some of those guys have
> >expressed a bit of (frustration?) over posting anything to do with NFC
> >business prior to this, and I really don't want to get them stirred up
> >over there! And to just ask for a member's email address without
> >explanation doesn't seem cool to me, maybe someone here can help out?
> >       Anyway, what ya think? Maybe?
> >
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