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Re: blueheads

Hi Robert,

	Some flagfin shiners and sailfin shiners sound good. Only have room for
a few though!
	I used the term "breeding program" a bit loosely before. I'm not a
biologist or such, guess a better way to say what I mean would be "raise
a bunch of these fish and find good homes for them." I think these fish
can compete head to blue head with any of the tropicals and should be
introduced to a broader range of folks than just the limited few in
their native range. They are about as good a species for introduction to
the average home aquarist as you'll find, and in my opinion a way to get
people to appreciate more of the diversity of life in the waters around
us is to target a few species for popularization with general aquarist.
For example, that strategy seems to me to be in effect contributing to
making reef habitat preservation have at least a fighting chance by
bringing awareness of the habitats to more folks.
	But I ramble. No need to preach to the saved, huh?
	I really have only a nebulous plan to get 10 or 15 10 gal breeding
tanks, racks for them, a couple of 55's for community setup while the
breeders are getting in shape (the activity of guppies help keep them
calm), 5 or 6 20's for grow out, suitable hardware for filtration and
water handling (powerheads, filters, chillers for the hotter months),
and grow this into a source of these fish for anyone interested.
	I have contacted the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission about what I
would need permit wise, and really got nothing out of it but a phone
bill that could have been put to better use elsewhere. I wrote to them
outlining a sort of plan, calling it a "fish farm," since that's what
they said I'd need permits for, but my letter probably got a good laugh
and a dark filing cabinet for my effort. Of course, I was not
specifically addressing the Bluehead Shiner as the only fish species I
wanted to raise at the time. At any rate, I've heard nothing from them
about it since last month. Perhaps "official" sanctioning from NFC and
targeting this species would help get something off the ground with
this? Course, not being a member of NFC sort of might dampen that, huh?
	Anyway, yeah, I could use the help, and will repay NFC for the help
with a source for a great native fish that quite a few members would
appreciate, if you guys care to consider helping out.
	It's getting late, so I'll wrap this up. Keep in touch, I'll let you
know when I get more fish.


robert a rice wrote:
> Hi Herb,
> I have flagfin shiners, sailfin shiners, pygmy sunfishes and a a variety
> of southern sunfishes and killies................As for your breeding
> plans do let on ..I smell an oficially sponsored NFC program possiblility
> here ..:)
> On Thu, 14 May 1998 21:59:29 -0500 Herb Harris <top_side at geocities_com>
> writes:
> >Hi Robert,
> >
> >       Sure, I'll save some back for you, how many you need? Couple
> >pair do
> >ya?
> >       I'm maintaining several in some ten gal tanks right now, but
> >I'm saving
> >up to get more equipment and tanks so that I can start a breeding
> >program for these fish. I hope to have several more next year after
> >these start to produce offspring, but that of course depends on the
> >finances and the fish. As it is now, collection is sporadic due to
> >fluctuating water levels round here, but I am planning to go out soon
> >if
> >the water continues going down.
> >       What ya got to trade for a couple pair of these?
> >
> >robert a rice wrote:
> >>
> >> Wanna trade for something ?
> >>snip<
> >
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