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This should help....//

Frequently Asked Questions about NFC !

Q. What's the difference between NFC and other
A.  NFC is a not for profit conservation based organization.
What  that means is the NFC will be actively pursuing public
and   private  grants  to  support  their  projects.   Other
organizations  who  are  not for profit  cant  realistically
pursue  grants.  We  can . We are the only  not  for  Profit
organization  in  America who focuses on native  fish.  This
specialized   focus  allows  us  to  partner   easily   with
watershed, trout, nature , elk, or bird based organizations.
We  are well aware that fish do not live in a fish bowl.  We
must  conserve ecosystems to insure survival of  our  native
fishes. Ecosystems that include Elk, Birds, Reptiles  and  a
myriad of other wonderful insects animals and aquatic life.

Q. Why are your membership fees so low ?
A.  Good  question, our fees are not low  because  we   give
little  in membership services. They are low because all  of
our staff are volunteers. This combined with the low postage
and  printing  cost we get due to our not for profit  status
makes  us  a  great  conservation value. The  model  we  are
following  will  give  80%  of  all  income  back  to  local
/national  conservation  projects.  So  when  you  pool  the
membership  fees  with grants and donations  we  can  impact
projects all across the country. So we make our fees as  low
as  possible to encourage as many people as possible to join
our  ranks.  We  firmly believe that in diversity  there  is
strength .

Q. What do I get for my membership fees ?
A.  You  get,  WEBSITE access, our publications,  access  to
regional   activities,  access  to  breeders   awards,   the
community  bulletin board, access to purchase donated  items
at a great price and finally the satisfaction of knowing you
are helping those unloved native fishes.

Q. Are you guys an aquarium club ?
A.  No,  While we encourage conservation minded aquarist  to
join our ranks we are not an aquarium club. For aquarist  to
continue to enjoy keeping native fishes we must preserve our
native fishes  habitats.  Without  serious  efforts   from
conservation  organizations like the NFC  the  privilege of
collecting  and  keeping native fishes will be  in jeopardy.
We at the NFC can help preserve recreational collecting via
conservation and lobbying our  state  and federal agency's
to include the recreational collector in their legislation.
Q.  So what will you guys do with the money that you take
A.  We seek to break down our profits in this way. One  half
of   what we take in will be spent on small projects  around
the  country.  From regional activities to special  breeding
projects,  stream  clean ups or breeders  club  awards.  The
remaining  amount  will be saved until  we  can  effectively
purchase  land that can positively impact native fishes.  We
will  partner   our land purchases with other agencies  with
common interest to maximize our impact.

Q. How does the Breeders Club work ?
A.  Pretty simple really. If you are a serious aquarist  who
already  has bred a variety of fishes , we have a place  for
you  here  to  continue your hobby in a conservation  minded
manner.  If  you are willing to join our structured  program
that  follows  all  state and federal  regulations  we  will
invest  in you. Your success will equal equipment grants  to
further  your  efforts. You can further your work  and  help
fill  in  the life histories of native species at  the  same
time.  Your  results  will be made  public  via  either  our
publication or our WEBSITE.

Q. What can I do to help  ?
A.  Take  the time and effort to volunteer in a small or big
way.  Whether you pass out fliers and applications   to your
local  supermarket  or get involved regionally or nationally
WE NEED YOU. Drop us a note or a resume at 2213 Prytania
Circle Navaree Fl. 32566 or email us at robertrice at juno_com and start

Q.  What do you have for the novice aquarist or biologist to
help us get started in native fish rearing and research?

A. On our WEBSITE at http://members.xoom.com/nativefishes we
have  an  excellent introductory packet with collecting and
rearing tips free for the download  along with many other
articles and member benefits. Including some very
comprehensive breeding information and collecting/rearing
laws from a great many states. This is the place to get
started before you get out the nets  or set up the aquarium.

Q. Who is eligible for NFC grants ?
A. Any NFC member who is working on a grass roots
conservation project is eligible. A project as simple as
setting up an educational program at your child's 4H club or
as complex as an endangered species breeding program or a
stream restoration project are all good candidates.

Q. Are my contributions Tax deductible.
A. Yes we are a not for profit organization so typically any
contribution you give outside of your membership fee is tax
deductible . Check with your tax consultant to be sure.

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