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Our publication the Flier is just about finished and should be going to
the presses within a week. So we can expect things to really begin to
take off at that point.

Since the NFC is a grassroots organization we need you the
members/lurkers to get the word out. I ask that each of you email the
attached application to at least 10 people/ email lists this week. Please
do this it makes a tremendous difference !

Also we are collecting items for auction via our website to raise funds
for NFC activities. Suitable items would be almost new of value. Check
with myself or Dwight Moody if you or your bussiness has an item. All
donations are tax deductable

Finally we are working on a deal with some Authors to get signed copies
of their books on the website auction block. They in turn would get an
advertisment on the web for a full year for their book. Details to
follow. If you know of any books youd like to see on the website auction
block let us know !

Thanks again 



The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) is a not for profit organization
dedicated to the conservation, study, and keeping of native fishes. 
Naturalists, educators, aquarists, fishermen, professors, and fisheries
biologists are welcomed to join the NFC.  If you love fish, you will love
the NFC.
Member Benefits
*    Our bimonthly newsletter, the FLIER, contains
  information on NFC activities, conservation projects,
  research studies, environmental issues; and also reports on
  membership activities involving collecting, breeding, and
  rearing native fishes.

*    A grants program is available to all NFC members for
research, restoration, or any project benefiting or
expanding our knowledge of native fishes.  This can include
any project from a captive propagation study to land
purchases which will protect aquatic habitats.

*    The NFC Website <members.xoom.com/nativefishes/>
contains a large database of articles on native fishes and
serves as an excellent source of information to both
researchers and aquarists.

*    The NFC Email list <nanf at actwin_com> provides a forum
to report and share information on native fishes and NFC
activities and conservation issues.

*    Silent auctions and a regularly updated bulletin board
allows members to trade or sell fish, plants, books, etc.

*    Breeders club where members can earn breeding points
and receive grants to help fund and document progress.

*   Regional chapters across the country sponsor collecting
trips, help clean up streams, trade, or just get members
acquainted with other conservation minded people.


Detach and mail a check or a money order to NFC's membership director:

Konrad Schmidt
1663 Iowa Avenue East
St. Paul Minnesota 55106

PHONE_________________________ FAX_________________________
MEMBERSHIP RATES:   STUDENT (grade school - college) - 5$
Note: Please include
School Name and Student ID #
Regular (US.) - $10 /Canada - $15/All Others - $20 Corporation - $100
(Includes advertisement on NFC's Website)
I'm interested in volunteering _____ Locally _________ Nationally (check
one) please contact me!
I'd like to give a tax deductible gift to NFC $________