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Hello and such...

Hi folks,

For those of you who have asked where's RR been latley. I have been here
just not answering emails as fast as I normally do and it has caused some
people to wonder. So I apologize if I have not been responding to emails
all to quickly 

I have had a busy week or two. I had a cancer Biopsy about 10 days ago
It thanfully came back negative today. My full time job as a day stock
trader has gotten rather intense latley and finally I have been trying
(with little success to go out and collect )

Hopefully things will lighten up soon. Here is something all of you can
do to help me. Post specific fish questions directly to the list here. I
get 5-10 a day and try and answer them as best as I can but sometimes get
behind (Like now). That is what the list is for asking and answering
questions. I am sure there are a great many folks out there on the list
who are much more capable than I to answer these excellent questions.
Anyway back to work just wanted to let  folks know I had not forgotten
them just been getting swamped :)


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