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Re: First Flier newsletter......pass it on....

At 05:27 PM 5/4/98 +0000, you wrote:
>The Native Fish Conservancys newsletter the "flier" is in its final
>stages of editing and if you would like a complimentory issue please get
>back to me ASAp with you particulars ......

Hi Robert,
I have been reading all of your posted articles with great interest.  I have
them all printed, saved on disk, and I forward them to interested parties to
read whenever I can.  At any rate, have you ever thought about taking all of
these short stories and putting them together in a little paperback book or
something (would be a great fund raiser for the NFC, I have the articles but
I would by the paperback if it had a couple of pictures of the fish or lake
or whatever it was you were writing about).  You could also use this same
idea and put together a member package for the NFC.  Maybe something like
$10 for the membership and newsletter and another $10 for the book.  You
could make it like a binder and have additional things that you author
available as a supplement.  You could put together biographies on the
officers or important projects that the NFC is working on or other
information that most would find very interesting and would be willing to
donate some funds to for the cause.  These were just some ideas that flew
through my mind.  If I could be of help to your organization I would be more
than willing to help you in any way (I don't know what it would be, but if
you could think of anything I would be happy to voluteer with my
assistance).  Thank you for posting your articles...you make the reader feel
like they are there.
Nancy Graham