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Re: Heterandria formosa

I understand that you have two female wild-caught Heterandria formosa 
and would like a male.  I have two ideas for you. First, I would be 
surprised if the females are not already pregnant.  If so, within a 
month or so of when they deliver, you will have sexually active males 
that will breed with their mothers and sisters. Second, I have some H. 
formosa which have been domestically raised for several generations and 
have a number of males.

Personally, I would recommend option #1, as wild stock tend to be more 
genetically diverse and you would be less likely to encounter genetic 
problems that are often associated with multiple generations of 
inbreeding. BTW, if you are buying livebearers, purchasing only gravid 
females makes a lot of sense as many livebearers can have several broods 
from prior matings, which may have involved multiple males, so the 
offspring is likely to be genetically diverse.

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>>Hello All
>>Does anyone out there have a spare male or two of Heterandria formosa?
>>I just recieved 2 wild caught females that would love to have some 
>>Also how does one change the email account to which they recieve this 

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