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Roy Fisher <rfisher at magnet_com>: Re: First Flier newsletter......pass it on....

Nope Roy the intro flier is designed to be an outreach tool at no charge
hoping you will see it is worth your $ to join NFC.......
So sign up anyone you think would be interested that includes pet stores
....nature centers public libraries....

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Subject: Re: First Flier newsletter......pass it on....
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 09:58:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Do I have to be a current NFC member to get the "flier"?  I'd love to
out my first issue!

Thanks also for your insights on catching Sunnies.  I did the barbless
12 hooks & earthworms at a reservoir here in MD. over the weekend &
about 6 three to six inch Sunnies.  They looked exactly like the one
featured in your article on the Orange-spotted (great piece).
Can't wait to get my new tank up & running & head back for a real run.
Also... Do crayfish do well in a Sunfish tank?  Snails?

Thanks again.

>The Native Fish Conservancys newsletter the "flier" is in its final
>stages of editing and if you would like a complimentory issue please get
>back to me ASAp with you particulars ......

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