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Re: NFC Chat on darters

I don't feel "bad" about owning an anceint system, most of the time.
Albeit, the term ancient, previoulsy meaning several thousand years old,
is now anything over several months. :)  The limitations of the system do
begin to annoy me.  Moreover, like an old car, parts on it are starting to
act up.  For instance, over the past 48 hours, I've been experienceing
vicious screen roll, ie., the screen is bouncing and juttering terribly.
I need to reinstal the video driver as soon as I dig it out. Of course,
I'd much rather have a Dual Pentium, 300 MGz system with 7 Gig of HD,
Surround Sound, Internal Jazz Drive, a CD-ROM that will work more than
"sometimes" :), and a 56K modem.  However, I misplaced that winning lotto
ticket. :)  
Going to pick up my guppies this aftrnoon.  Pet shop is charing me $4.75
for 50, which is n't much above wholesale.  How in the world do pet
ships make any
profit on these guys?  20%% or more die off is normal, take into account
the costs of feeding, housing, filters, and so forth... at $1/doz (average
rate here) they have to be selling at aloss.
J. L. Wiegert

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