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Thread on Suckers

>So far, I have seen the hogsucker root in the sand for mini-pellets.  He
>also scarfed up black worms very happily this morning.  Tho I DID have to
>dump the worms right under his nose for him to get them.  He didn't seem
>to hunt for them like the darters will.

Yeah, it seems like the suckers are kind of lethargic and don't pursue food
much.  I have the hogsucker, some redhorses, spotted suckers and
chubsuckers.  I guess they are just continual browsers and rely on an
abundance of detritus, algae and invertebrates to stay well fed.  The
average aquarium does not provide that kind of environment.  The fish have
to compete for a short term supply of food and the casual suckers seem to
lose out.  I have taken to keeping them with their own kind to reduce

White suckers (commersoni) and Chubsuckers (Erymizon sucetta) seem to
compete more successfully for food.  I have kept these with sunfishes and

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net

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