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Re: Weekly NFC event

Which part of the message didn't you understand? The last sentence 
translates, per scientific protocols, to "be there or be square (B^2).
Last week's chat involved a number of subjects not mentioned, such as 
the problems of introduced non-native plants and fish, why it is 
critical to obtain the neccessary permits and stay in full compliance 
with the regulations (especially for out-of-state collecting, etc. 

Come check out the NFC chat room and add your two cents worth to the 
discussions. The next meeting's theme is livebearers at 7:00 pm Central 
time, 8:00 pm Eastern time on Sunday, May 10.  See you there!

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>This message is from those good folks at NFC:
>We will make the NFC chat a weekly event.  Sunday, 7:00 p.m. central. 
> Next week's suggested topic is livebearers, although such diverse 
>threads as how to prepare leeches and grubs (for dinner) are also 
>encouraged!  As those of you who have been there know :-)  Also 
>Rambo-game wardens :-(
>Confused?  Be there next week, or B^2
>I have NO idea what that meant :-)   Ask Martin-- he wrote it, or 
>check it out.  Once again, the address is: 
>Remember, you need a web browser which supports Java.
>P.S. This is a non-smoking chat room.

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