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Re: NFC Chat on darters

> I wonder if you buy win95 now if they would give you a discount on a 
> further upgrade though?

Details on this are still sketchy, but the copies of 95 that are on 
the shelves now don't offer a discount.  Some new systems are 
shipping with vouchers for a free upgrade to 98, but not all.  The 
retail version of 98 may offer some type of rebate for recent 95 

> It will only update disks to fat32 that have sufficient space on them free
> for it to complete the operation (there may also be a minimum size limit
> too, not sure though).  Win98 is also noticibly faster than win95.  For
> most newer machines 130 megs is chicken feed anyway.  4 gig hard disks
> only cost like $200 these days.

Less than that, even!  $179 at CompUSA :-) 7 gigs costs about $259, 
what a deal!

>  If you have an older 
> machine you'd
> probably need a new disk controller card too for ~$30. 

Not a problem with his 486.  Ultra DMA HD's will work with a standard 
IDE controller.  But yes, he may need a BIOS upgrade (possibly 
free if you have a flash BIOS) for LBA support. But there are ways 
around this.

BTW, nobody should feel bad about owning an "ancient" 486.  I used a 
Z80 based machine for 10 years!  Anybody remember CP/M ?  With 64K of 
memory and dual 92K floppies, my Osborne 1 was the showstopper of 
its day!  There is still a loyal group of diehards dedicated 
to "classic" computing.



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