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western fish photos-1

Looking for very high quality color slides of the following mostly western
fishes for a book on North American fishes: this is the list SO FAR (there
will be more): Chasmistes, Deltistes, Erimyzon tenuis, Acrocheilus, Couesius,
Gila, Relictus, Eremichthys, Orthodon, Ericymba, Platygobio, Oregonichthys,
Iotichthys, Lepidomeda, Meda, Plagopterus, Pogonichthys, Mylocheilus,
Ptychocheilus, Mylphrodon, Lavinia, Maopa, Codoma,, and Hesperoleucas. Prefer
live fish in spawning color. If you know a top notch photographer of western
fishes, please pass this on.