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Re: NFC Chat on darters

>Let me ask this... is anyone else having troubles with NS JavaScript using
>Communicator?  My ssytem is a 486, 66MHz, using a 19.2 modem connected 

I'd update to win95.  From your other message it looked like you have 
20 megs.  The way to determine how many memory you have is when you turn 
the machine on it counts the memory.  That will tell you how many 
kilobyes you have, divide that by 1000 round it off and then you have 
megs.  Anything over 16 megs is better off in win95 than 3.1 according to 
the book.  

>560 K free ram (All together now.... Oooouch. :)

That is just the free conventional memory.  This can often be increased 
by running memmaker.  You're not likely to get it over 610 though and 560 
is perfectly normal.  Plus, I think this is only relevant to running dos 
programs primarily.  The mem command in dos should also tell you the 
total memory in K, but it may be different to reality if you have some 
ram doubler software or something similar operating.

>I rarely am able to get Java to work at all for it,
>winding up with the system hung.  

Sounds to me more like a buggy copy of Netscape than a resources problem.

All clear now?  :-)

Peter Unmack

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