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Re: NFC Chat on darters

Suggest trying Internet Explorer 4.01, which I use.  You may not have 
enough onboard memory to use Java, which may be why it hangs up.

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>Let me ask this... is anyone else having troubles with NS JavaScript 
>Communicator?  My ssytem is a 486, 66MHz, using a 19.2 modem connected 
>14.4 (though thats probalbly irrelevant.)  560 K free ram (All together
>now.... Oooouch. :) I rarely am able to get Java to work at all for it,
>winding up with the system hung.  Sometimes it will start java, but 
>instead at "Jave Started...Done" or something like that on ehte bottom.
>Its not just the one site
>J. . Wiegert
>Fixing his Expresso Ma chine

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