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Re: NFC Chat on darters

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From: D. Martin Moore <archimedes at master_localink4.com>
To: nanf at actwin_com <nanf at actwin_com>
Date: Sunday, May 03, 1998 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: NFC Chat on darters

> Hmm... I can't seem to get Java to work on IE 3.01 -- though ActiveX is
> enabled.

>I couldn't get it to work with IE 4.0x either.

I got in with IE 4.0, but the Java kept doing strange things.  I scrolled up
to an earlier part of the discussion, but couldn't scroll back.  And the ad
frame kept blinking garbage.  The third time the chat application kicked me
out, I took it as a sign and went elsewhere.

> Netscape Communicator
> is just freezing my system as it starts up
> java....

>bummer!  We missed you.  Had a couple of new faces tonight.



Steve Gates
swgates at worldnet_att.net