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NANFA email list

Hi.  I'm a NANFA member who just joined this list.  I just read a 
comment by Mark Binkley where he said: 

NANFA is The North American Native Fishes Association,  see: 
http://www.nanfa.org/  They have an email list called NANFA which can 
be posted to at:  nanfa at aquaria_net or subscribed to at: 
Majordomo at aquaria_net

Mark didn't realize this, but you can't post a message to the NANFA 
list by simply sending it to nanfa at aquaria_net.  I've been on the 
NANFA list over 2 years now, and last year the list administrator 
modified it so a person has to subscribe in order to post messages.  
This is because the NANFA email list isn't moderated, there is no way 
to prevent spamming.  We kept getting ads from porno sites, etc, and 
the people on the list complained.

So, to post to the nanfa list you need to first join by sending an 
email to majordomo at aquaria_net, and put the words "subscribe nanfa" 
(without quotes) in the body, not message, of the email.

The NANFA list has discussions on aquatic plants and animals, 
diseases, breeding and feeding, collecting and transportation 
techniques, conservation, meetings, legislation, information 
resources, and more, but it does not include NANFA organizational 
matters.  There is a separate email list to discuss NANFA business, 
and the people on the NANFA list can join this if they want.  The 
regular NANFA list is open to all and the participants are in control 
of its content, but you should be a member of NANFA to get on the 
business list.

I hope I straightened this up.

Regards and hello again,

Jay DeLong