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Re: Sarah Tester -sbt849s at nic_smsu.edu-: darters

I would set up a 20 gallon long tank using pea sized gravel, with a 
power filter on one side (not on the back) to simulate running water.  
Also good would be a canister filter setup with the inflow at one end 
and the outflow at the other.  Some rock caves might be good idea (make 
by using aquarium silicone to glue rocks together or use the Penn Plax 
snap together plastic rocks).  Most plants seem not to do well in 
riffles - it has too little CO2. There are, however, some plants that 
are OK, such as the warm water tolerant species of Fontinalis (willow 
moss) and Java moss.  Try to use live food for darters, such as brine 
shrimp, daphnia, grindal worms, etc. Cultures are available from sources 
which advertise in most aquarium magazines.  Also, most darters are 
territorial and may not do well if the tank is overstocked. 

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>I happened to read some of your postings about darters.  I am 
>looking to set up a fresh water tank with a few darters, but I
>really am not sure on some of the basics with caring for them.
>Most importantly, I know that some darters live in areas with 
>a medium current.  Is it important to set up some sort of power 
>head that will mimic a current, and if so, what kind of setup 
>is the best?  Also, what are the best temperature requirements 
>for some of types of darters (do I need some type of cooler to
>bring the temperature down)? Finally, what kind of plant life
>can I put in the tank with the darters?  If you have a quick 
>second, I would appreciate your help.
>Thank you,  
>Sarah Tester
>sbt849s at nic_smsu.edu
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