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Voice of God 2, :P

Ok, just a quick explanation on something.
When your e-mail addy becomes "bad"for whatever reason, the message sent
back comes to my malbox (I.e., Not a known user, full mailbox, delayed
message, etc.).
This means that if ten posts are made betwen mailchecks, I'll get 20
messages with one person having a bad addy.
If theres two people, I'll get 30, and so on.  Dealyed messages cause
If its just a delayed message, I'll generally ignore it.  If I get other
error messages to the point where its, well, annoying, I'll unsubscribe
you.  This may be because you canceled your service, or any number of
reasons.  Usually the person no longer has that e-mail addy.  You are more
than welcome to resubscribe.  Its just a measure for my sanity while your
addy is bad.  You're not getting the e-mail anyhow (99.9%% of the time).
Its not some evil wicked plot by me against you or any other such thing,
its just to avoida few hundred messages in my folder, on a relatively
small mailserver.

J. L.