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Re: Catching Sunnies

Your best bet is a barbless hook, for larger individuals (2" or more, I've
cuahgt smaller though).  Simply take a small (#14 works for me) hook, and
with a pair of pliers, flatten the barb.  Either bait it with a maggot or
such, or take a peice of yarn and attach it to the hook head.  Sunnies
will actually take a peice of yarn being swooshed in the water. :)  
You can try seine nets and other methods, but this is the easiest, most
fun, and least likely to get you in trouble (I've been questioned about
the legality of nets and such in the past.  Its rare that it happens, and
rarer still that you get in trouble.).  It is the least productive,
J. L. Wiegert