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On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Chris Darrow wrote:

> You guys have got me really confused. What is the differance between
> these organizations? (Dwight I know you explained some of the
> differances but maybe there are others that would like to know) What are
> their objectives? Is there a big differance in membership? 
Welp, first off, NANF isn't an organization.  Its just this list, which is
the non-political list of NFC.  NFC and NANFA differences were explained
previously, and I won't reiterate.  You can find those posts, along with
all back posts, somehwere on the actwin site (Http://ftp.actwin.com (Yes,
thats http://ftp, not ftp://ftp).

>I notice alot
> of cross-posting even between Native Fish groups and the Am LiveBearer
> Asso. Has anyone done some kind of head count to actual membership of
> each group. Actually as of yet I'm not a member of any of the groups
> other than an avid interest (that counts for something too I think?) Am
> I the only person who has just recently become involved in these
> listservers an am witnessing a part of a long ongoing discussion?
> 									Chris Darrow
Ah, you don't have to be a member of either - or any org - to be on this
list.  You're not the only person yet, and this is an ongoing discussion.
I recommend you check the backlogs, or simply try to pick up on it.  
J. L. Wiegert