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Re: Permission to exploit your talents

I'll be in KC this summer . Id be happy to speak at a meeting. In the
mean time send me your efforts at 2213 prytania circle navarre fl
32566.......Please post your newsletter here on the NANF list

On Fri, 01 May 1998 01:05:14 -0500 Michael Meyer
<mikeymeyer at sprintmail_com> writes:
>robert a rice wrote:
>> Hello Mike,
>> For you anything reprint away :)
>> Let me know if I can help further...........BTW you must give credit 
>> my work :)
>> RR
>Not a problem, Robert.  I'll send you a couple of complimentary copies
>if you give me an address.  I can also send you an electronic copy.  I
>do our newsletter in Microsoft Word.

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