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Re: darters

Hello Sarah,

Without knowing the specific type of darter i will give you a a common
middle ground setup that has worked   well for me.

For the most part the setups that work well for me are a barebottom tank
with a bit  of structure that mimics  the home enviroment. For example
orangethroat darters love small cave like areas to spawn. I simulate that
with inexpesive clay pots (>3 inches) and have good success. For
vegetation spawners I simply add potted plants to the mix.

For current i place a powerhead or other device close to the bottom. If I
am using only a powerfilter as my curent I make sure the downflow falls
into a pot  prearranged to      do the spawning job.......

I hope this helps please contact me with specific questions !!! 

On Fri, 1 May 1998 00:07:59 -0500 (Central Daylight Time) Sarah Tester
<sbt849s at nic_smsu.edu> writes:
>I happened to read some of your postings about darters.  I am 
>looking to set up a fresh water tank with a few darters, but I
>really am not sure on some of the basics with caring for them.
>Most importantly, I know that some darters live in areas with 
>a medium current.  Is it important to set up some sort of power 
>head that will mimic a current, and if so, what kind of setup 
>is the best?  Also, what are the best temperature requirements 
>for some of types of darters (do I need some type of cooler to
>bring the temperature down)? Finally, what kind of plant life
>can I put in the tank with the darters?  If you have a quick 
>second, I would appreciate your help.
>Thank you,  
>Sarah Tester
>sbt849s at nic_smsu.edu

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