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Fwd: SLR and GLR brood stocked in Knife River

After several Years of Lobbying, Flier editor Konrad has succeffully got
the DNR to restock non game species killed in a carp eradication program.
Congratulations Kon and the Knife River !!!!

From: MN DNR Fisheries - Hinckley
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 03:18:09 -0500
To: Konrad P Schmidt
Subject: SLR and GLR brood stocked in Knife River

Konrad, the Hinckley Area Fisheries Office collected adult brood stock of
both silver redhorse (SLR) and golden redhorse (GLR) to stock in Knife
River (M-50-44-39).  SLR came from Cross Lake (580119) and the GLR came
from Grindstone River (M-50-46-10).  Below are the specs:

4/15/98  Cross L. to Knife R.
SLR - 32 fish, 22F and 10M
80 lbs.

4/24/98  Grindstone R. to Knife R.
GLR - 33 fish, 22F (green) and 11M
56 lbs.

-Jack Lauer

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Konrad Schmidt
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St. Paul, MN 55106
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