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Re: Fish lists.....?

Thanks Norm, 

your rather pleasant today. A 1 time press relase hardly counts as spam.
Actually I planned on listing them all as links on the website. Please
keep your personal nottes as just that personell notes. No one wants to
hear little tiffs.....If it will make you feel better please post the
NANFA and livebearer info here. I have posted NANFA apps once a month for
years on appropriate list and you never complained once, nor has any of
the lists.. Even though you were on the NANF list where it was occurring
?so what now that I am not doing that for NANFA you are upset? You are
welcome to post here once a month any NANFA info you think is

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 07:58:56 -0700 "Norman Dennis Edelen, Jr."
<normane at hevanet_com> writes:
>I imagine you want these list addresses so you can spam them with your
>member applications, as you did on the livebearer and nanfa lists?  I 
>think I will help out with that.

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