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RE: ALA Akron (Cross post from livebearers at aquaria_net)--MY TWO BITS

>Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:53:09 -0700
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>Subject: RE: ALA Akron (Cross post from livebearers at aquaria_net)--MY TWO BITS
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>The ALA convention was, as usual, full of opportunities to not only get
>those wild, and some extremely nice 'fancy' livebearers, but to meet
>some of the icons of the hobby and to learn lots' of 'stuff'.
>Besides Rusty Wessel, Shane Webb who is a graduate student at U of
>Michigan, under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Rush Miller, et.alli, gave
>two talks on the systematics of livebearers--one for the general
>audience, one specifically on the 'goodeids'--which is where he is doing
>Derek Lambert, from England, gave a relaxed Friday night expose, along
>with Rich Serva, of their 1997 trip to Mexico. A number of their fish
>were in the auction from that trip.
>Estimating the number of livebearers in the auction: 500+ bags; plants
>and  non-livebearers represented another 500 or so, and special
>donations (dry goods) Rusty's fish (for which the proceeds went 50% to
>the ACA Guy D. Jordan fund, 50% to the ALA) represented another 30-40
>bags (of which I have 5).
>Extinct in the wild fish were exchanged, sold, or bartered--with the
>result being that more people have these fish to keep alive, and from
>truly being extinct. New collections were identified and put into the
>'mainstream' livebearer hobby, some fish were not
>identified--specifically--because the people who collected them had not
>established their identity (whether a variation of an existing species,
>or a new species)--always an interesting & intriguing problem.
>The fish show was interesting, with many 'wild' livebearers being
>Just a little bit on the ALA Convention from my perspective. I got
>little sleep, talked to lots of fellow aquarists, managed to get the
>fish I wanted, learned some new things, and enjoyed myself.
>If you haven't gone before, go next year around the first weekend in
>May, somewhere in the Great Lakes region (probably). It's a good three
>days of investment...