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Re: Re: Carp Suck......

Hello Robert,

I also found out I have Tilipia in the pond, no Idea where they come from. I
would love to have some black bandeds and will send you postage. How much?

You could send to the PO Box and I can go and pick them up there.

Tedd Greenwald
PO Box 2610
High Springs, FL 32655-2610

I would keep the small ones in a tank and raise them up prior to release in
the pond. Not sure how bad the Tilapia infestation is but once they get going
it may need rotonone to cure the problem.

I want to have a meeting, do you have a computerized member list?

Right now I'm really tight on money as I just started this new job. I plan to
leave for the month of June and go to Philly to do a job there and that will
get me set for the summer.

Are you into newts?? I have some great ones. Any fish you need from this