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In the way of introductions:

I live in Columbus, Ohio, a real hotbed of collecting opportunities.  There
are four major river systems within a 45 min drive of here, including the
Big Darby Creek, a last bastion of species diversity.  I have been heavily
into tropical fish for some years and am now heavily into NA fish.  I
collect, keep and breed NA species and am interested in conservation.
Collecting is my favorite activity!

I am a member of NANFA and NFC, and I subscribe to both email lists.  I am
interested in the furtherance of any project that will benefit NA fishes
and the hobby/science of them.

Call or write.  We'll talk fish!

Mark Binkley                 mbinkley at earthling_net
21 Orchard Drive
Worthington OH 43085         Phone   Home:  614-844-6042
USA                                  Work:  614-292-1284