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Re: Online Chats

If you would like to telnet to a talker, to use that for an online
discussion, feel free to use SomeThing Fishy.  There is (and always has
been) a Native Fish room there.  Theres also no limit to ow many people
are there.  Glad the talk was on the HTML place, inasmuch as my server
(and hence the talker) were acting like a yoyo tonite. :)  Its also open
to any topic (though, aquarium related ones are preffered, they just don't
always happen:)  If you need instructions on how to connect to a telnet
site, just send me an e-mail (not the list, just me. :)  
J. L. Wiegert
Come Chat at SomeThing Fishy
Telnet to:
Nexus.v-wave.com, port 7000