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Re: Pond Fish

On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Well one of the best services we can offer to folks is cultures of plants
> and live foods . By doing so they improve all of our appreciation and
> success of our aquatic enviroments. So in that sence it was no waste for
> you today. How do you culture the SCUDS ?
True, though I'd have preffered live foods AND fish.... :)  Scuds
(Grammarus) are relatively easy to culture.  They'll do well in any tank
with plants and fish in it, to harvest, simply dstir up the gravel.  This
isn't exacctly something to do in the living room, but its been the best
manner I've found.  They feed off detritus and such in the gravel, and
keep it from settling. In the pond, they live fine off of the leaf litter
and such that gathers down there.  
J. L. WIegert