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Re: Pond Fish

Well one of the best services we can offer to folks is cultures of plants
and live foods . By doing so they improve all of our appreciation and
success of our aquatic enviroments. So in that sence it was no waste for
you today. How do you culture the SCUDS ?

Robert Rice

" The Quality of a life is not measured in days it is measured in legacy

On Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:46:09 -0600 (MDT) Josh Wiegert
<jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com> writes:
>Killies will no doubt be included in the pond, then. :)  I honestly 
>considered using the bucket as a stand alone device for growing out 
>foods.  The pond has such high harvests of backswimers, mosquito 
>and so forth.  Daphnia, fortunately, are available from several ponds,
>with a little luck on the timing.  
>Collecting today went rather poorly.  Harvesting a bunch of Grammarus 
>the highlight.  Caught three darters, the smaller of which I turned 
>The two I did catch were both in relatively good condition, and a male 
>a female.  However, the faemale appears to be in poor shape now.  Have 
>on the back porch with an airstone, hoping she'll make it.  
>I'm not sure why collecting went so poorly... maybe the mild winter, 
>but I
>only saw these three darters, and no eggs.  This is one of my favorite
>collecitng sites, as its usually full of darters and other fishes.  I 
>thi sis not typical..... 
>J. L. Wiegert

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