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Re: gars/pickerels

In a message dated 98-04-25 18:56:50 EDT, you write:

<< Best advice as to good collecting locations would be either the local 
 game warden or tackle store. 
i called my local game warden already and left a message for him to call me
  BTW, all of these fish get bigger. Grass pickerel get about a foot long, 
 chain pickerel 2 ft +, and gars get absolutely HUGE (3' and over).
i am fully aware of how big those fishes get.but it might take a while with
controlled feeding and i will adjust to bigger size tanks as they grow.
 aware that local regulations may prohibit the release of these fish 
 after they have been maintained in captivity.
i have never released anything that i have kept in captivity and won't start
doing it with them.i am very responsible with the fishes that i decide to
 i really appreciate your help

thanks a lot