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Re: gars/pickerels

Best advice as to good collecting locations would be either the local 
game warden or tackle store.  Suggest that June may be the best time to 
find juvenile pickerel as they spawn in April/May. The juveniles hang 
out in shallow water and move into deeper water as they mature. Suggest 
that careful stalking through shallow weeds or using a seine in a weedy 
area are good bets.

BTW, all of these fish get bigger. Grass pickerel get about a foot long, 
chain pickerel 2 ft +, and gars get absolutely HUGE (3' and over).  Be 
aware that local regulations may prohibit the release of these fish 
after they have been maintained in captivity.  Check with your local 
game warden for particulars.

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>i live close to atlanta -ga- and was wondering if some of you could 
give me
>some tips on how to catch those fishes.
>i think it would be best to catch juveniles in shallow weedy areas of
>lakes,ponds or swamps.when are the youngs concentrated in those 
>can they be scooped easily at random through the weeds(i have caught 
>fishes this way in connecticut when i used to live there).
>if anyone knows of a good spot close to atlanta(close=2 hours either 
way) i
>would really appreciate it.
>thanks in advance

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