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Re: Pond Fish

Some of Robert Rice's southern killifish should do quite nicely in such 
a setup. The F. crysotus killies are outstanding to look at with their 
gold speckles on their sides and should readily breed. I have found that 
Java Moss, Riccia and Salvinia work great for killifish spawning plants.

I am going to try to get some mudminnows in my upcoming collecting trips 
and will let you know if I am successful.  If I recall correctly, the 
NANFA Trading Post has at least a couple of people who have Central 
Mudminnows and Pygmy Mudminnows. The May edition should be out on May 1 
(I am hoping to get some more ads before then).

BTW, why not stock the five gallon pail with daphnia? That would give 
you a thriving live food culture to generate lots of daphnia for your 
new killifish from Robert Rice :).

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>As I do annually, I have set up a small, kiddie wading pool to serve as 
>backyard pond.  I have also set inground a 5G bucket for the purpose of
>growing some plants.  I'm doing things a bit differently this year.
>Whereas in previous years, I've pretty much had just fish pools with
>minimal plant growth, this year, I'm adding some live plants to the 
>Its primary purpose will be to breed fish in it.  This week, I'l be 
>the primary base stock of 50 guppies.  I'm open for suggestions on 
>(or tropical) fish that would be guaranteed breeders for the pond.
>Currently, I'm thinking about swordtails and white cloud, but would
>really like to try to include some natives that'll breed. Have tried
>danios before, but they tend to be too skitish and jump out.  I've 
>Olmstedi darters, who do rather well in the pond, but won't breed,
>I'd also like to include some fish in the bucket, and have reached an
>absolute stumbling block.  I'm thinking that mudfish may be ok in it, 
>well as Asian Anabantids.  Any ideas on where to get some muminnows?
>J. L. Wiegert
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>Nexus.V-Wave.Com, port 7000.  

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