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Re: Pond Fish

On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Josh,
> Any of the Killie species would probably reproduce in such a setup. Also
> pygmy sunnies would do allright also...As for mudminnows did you want
> eastern central or olympic . The first two we can get you the third is a
> no no.....
I've tried the Sunfish, though not Pygmies, , in the past.  Their larger
body size, shae, and sunning habits make them quick snacks for the animals
in the neighboorhood.  I'm not sure if Pygmies would be a better choice, o
ronly meet the same fate.  I hadn't considered Killies, though they might
be a fun one to try.  Any suggestions on some species that would do
allright, and that I could probably obtain?  Eastern Mudminnows would be
great, though I elieve they're a bit of a  distance away.  I'm on my
way to go clllecting this evening, maybe I'll get lucky. :Z)
J. L. Wiegert