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Pond Fish

As I do annually, I have set up a small, kiddie wading pool to serve as a
backyard pond.  I have also set inground a 5G bucket for the purpose of
growing some plants.  I'm doing things a bit differently this year.
Whereas in previous years, I've pretty much had just fish pools with
minimal plant growth, this year, I'm adding some live plants to the pond.
Its primary purpose will be to breed fish in it.  This week, I'l be adding
the primary base stock of 50 guppies.  I'm open for suggestions on native
(or tropical) fish that would be guaranteed breeders for the pond.
Currently, I'm thinking about swordtails and white cloud, but would
really like to try to include some natives that'll breed. Have tried
danios before, but they tend to be too skitish and jump out.  I've tried
Olmstedi darters, who do rather well in the pond, but won't breed,
I'd also like to include some fish in the bucket, and have reached an
absolute stumbling block.  I'm thinking that mudfish may be ok in it, as
well as Asian Anabantids.  Any ideas on where to get some muminnows?
J. L. Wiegert
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